Communication is the key to motivating. In Queby Recovery, this is true because collectors must thoroughly understand their clients, the debtors and the inner workings of the Queby Recovery systems in order to be most productive and maximize the likelihood of success on each account. In Queby Recovery debt collectors and employees in general like to know what is going on and what to expect. Queby keep collectors and employees informed. By communicating regularly with collectors, our collectors feel important and necessary to the process.
One thing that has proven invaluable at Queby collection is having weekly meetings. These meetings give management a chance to regularly inform collectors of what is going on around the agency. It also provides a forum for Queby collectors to share ideas or collection techniques that are working or not working. Frequently opening up a dialogue keeps collectors and management talking and leads to better overall communication throughout the organization on a daily basis.
Another benefit of communication is that it gives management a chance to recognize employees for good work. Studies have shown that recognition is sometimes more important to employees than salary. People in general appreciate being recognized for their accomplishments. Recognition definitely is motivating. At Queby Recovery, have awards frequently such as “collector of the month,” “highest monthly success rate” and “most accurate and complete month-end status reports.” These awards might come with a small bonus or an increased draw for the subsequent month, and have proven to be very motivational. Sharing this information on a daily basis during the month creates friendly competition among collectors which boosts productivity.