Our Queby Recovery Management specialist in supporting clients on overcoming the challenges of taking steps against the debts. These may include language barriers and varying laws in different jurisdictions, or implementing appropriate Queby Recovery collection activities, such as the work of bailiffs. Queby Recovery Collections legal department works with a network of specialist law firms to enable you to initiate legal activities in 96%. Our legal team additionally provides you with professional advice on the feasibility of your legal action and insight into the expected outcome. Linked together in an integrated network to deliver a flexible international solution, our team provides special and detailed local expertise. This covers a diverse range of individual business cultures, debt collection laws and regulati­ons.

During the debt collection process, we may make dozens of phone calls. With caller ID, computerized telephone attendants, voicemail systems and live call screeners, it often is extremely challenging to get the customer on the phone. However, we are persistent and relentless. There are situations where we will call several times a day, from early morning to mid-evening, trying to get a live person. We are used computerized predictive dialers. We are prefer sent message every time we call to our customers. Instead, the Queby uses their experience, their intuition, and the specific collection history on the account to decide when to call, how often to call, and where to call. We are not allowed to call customers on their cell phones and at their homes.