We are the Brand Laureate award winning and ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Our mission is to leave no opportunities of recovery untapped and relieve credit organizations of the complications of debts recovery and also to provide pre and post recovery assistance. We have debt collection knowledge experiences and is headed by a professionals, qualified management team. The management team has extensive experience in the finance, manufacturing, trading debtor management, debt recovering and legal fields. Such a blend of experience ensures that the client benefits from accurate and prudent advice on debt collection and risk management needs to progress in order to achieve a successful debt collection program.

The company business policy is based on the concept of building a lasting relationship, client satisfaction, providing the best possible solution at minimum cost and to continuously inform of our debt recovery efforts. The company emphasizes its professional approach in this business in order to protect the good name of the clients. Its cost-effective approach also ensures the clients get maximum benefit.

We provide our services to both the government and private sectors including finance, insurance, utilities, health, transport, manufacturing, trading, media and retail sector but due to the mounting bad debts incurred by the banking sectors we have decided to expand our services to assist the financial institutions in recovering their debts. "Queby Moves Towards the Gold"